Nothing, May be the Hardest Thing I Do Today

I’m a perfectionist. 

I know, I sound like a lame job seeker introducing my weakness or growing edge. Describing that one of my difficulties tends to be managing my perfection tendencies. 

Yet, I find myself confronted by my inability to let go. Today I felt drained by finally taking the necessary steps to surrender an idea. Well, it felt more than an idea, it was an ideal. 

This step, forced me to confront the true face of my limitation. I’m incapable of letting go on my own strength. I need help, which by the way I did not begin to truly learn how to receive it. 

It is not easy to let go of an unattainable ideal. I’m sure that for most people ideals are good, even healthy. Yet, for perfectionists ideals may become detached from reality. These Ideals thrive in fantasy. Nothing more, just fantasy. 

So today, the answer to perfectionism might even very different than my normal achievement/works based tendency. Nothing.  Yes, today what it’s really needed is nothing. Instead of dealing with my perfectionism by deploying a perfect strategy of unattainable ideals. I choose to do nothing. 

Letting go, may be the hardest thing I do today. 


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